Pat Cunniffe, healer and psychic

Based in a tranquil, secluded location in the heart of the Roscommon countryside, White Winds Healing Centre offers a range of therapies, psychic readings, and healings at the hand of healer and psychic Pat Cunniffe.

Pat has been working as a healer and psychic since 1991, and exudes a warm, friendly manner, quickly putting clients at ease as they enter the psychic and healing centre at Kilcash, just five minutes from Knockcroghery village in Roscommon.

Pat has the ability to read the energies of people, called soul readings, which he uses to show people what they need to look at in their lives.

When they are stuck, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, he offers advice, for instance on what work best suits them, or on health, children, finances, relationships, and much more.

Welcoming clients into the relaxing environment of the centre, he is immediately able to pick up on people’s energies, supply accurate information about their past and present life, and offer predictions and guidance for the future. Readings last one hour and 15 minutes.

Pat also does many forms of healing depending on what the client needs, whether they have physical, emotional, or mental problems. Examples are back problems, sciatica, depression, phobias, pain, especially lower back problems, to name just a few.

He can also offer some techniques to clients to help them deal with issues such as stress, lack of sleep, and stopping smoking.

Pat is also a Shiatsu therapist and reiki master, and has been trained in many different forms of healing such as Shamanic healing, soul journeying, and many related Shamanic practices.

Past life therapy is another of his skills, which is based on the evolution of the soul. This is a very powerful and very specific form of healing, releasing many problems from other lifetimes that have affected us in this lifetime.

Please visit Pat’s website at and listen to a piece of past life therapy carried out live on RTE.

Pat also has a clinic day in Moate on Wednesdays. He teaches healing classes and Pleiadian healing classes run over a six week period, as well as psychic development classes, fairy and elemental workshops in Kilcash and around the country.

You can also see Pat at psychic fairs all over Ireland, and he is available for psychic parties and for talks on psychic matters.

For further information or bookings, visit, tel (090 ) 6661702 or (087 ) 3156792.


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