Volkswagen BlueMotion technologies now in Passat

Volkswagen claims that it is once again leading the way with innovative, efficient and cost effective, solutions for the future. BlueMotion is Volkswagen’s label for the most fuel efficient cars in the range. This technology, is now available here in the Passat. It breaks the 5.0 litre barrier, and comes with a standard start-stop system and it has a range of over 1,400 kilometres.

This new Passat BlueMotion is powered by a highly advanced common rail turbo-diesel and consumes just 4.9 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, which corresponds to a low CO2 emissions value of 128 g/km, with band B annual road tax costing only €156.

Standard equipment on the second generation of the Passat BlueMotion includes a highly efficient start-stop system, especially in city driving. Implemented in a Volkswagen for the first time in this form, its operation is intuitive, and becomes as natural as shifting gears or steering.

Reducing CO2 emissions by 15g/km and saving fuel, this technology activates when the vehicle comes to a standstill in neutral gear. The engine switches off with a start-stop symbol appearing on the dashboard, once the clutch is released. The engine then restarts as the driver is shifting into gear. The system also allows the driver to deactivate this function by a switch, within easy reach.

The BlueMotion technology is currently available in the Passat Saloon and Passat Variant with prices starting from €27,390 and €28,905. BlueMotion will be introduced in the new Golf and new Polo in 2010.



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