Athlone Chamber of Commerce seeks to address shortage of critical skills in workforce

Athlone Chamber of Commerce has confirmed the submission of a detailed and comprehensive report to the Department of Enterprise in response to the Department’s recent request for public consultation on the review of critical skills.

This initiative is testament to the Chamber’s commitment to fostering economic growth, innovation, and talent development within the business community.

The review of the Critical Skills Occupations List, initiated by the Department of Enterprise, aims to identify and address gaps in the local workforce’s skillset, ensuring alignment with the dynamic demands of the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Athlone Chamber of Commerce, representing a cross-section of industries, has risen to the occasion, pooling the expertise of its members to provide invaluable insights and recommendations as part of this consultation.

“Our members are at the heart of our local economy, and their success hinges on having access to a skilled and adaptable workforce.

“Our report is a collaborative effort that reflects the collective wisdom of our business community. We believe that by contributing to this consultation process, we are helping to address the shortage of skilled labour in our town and its economic prosperity,” Alan Shaw, acting President of Athlone Chamber of Commerce, stated.

“We are very grateful for the enthusiastic participation of our members in this endeavour. Their invaluable input demonstrates the spirit of cooperation that defines our business community and underlines our dedication to the advancement and success of the regions businesses,” Tommy Hogan, CEO of Athlone Chamber of Commerce, added.

Athlone Chamber of Commerce eagerly anticipates the opportunity to engage in further collaboration with the Department of Enterprise to ensure the implementation of strategies that will benefit both businesses and individuals within the town.


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