All new electric Ford Explorer engineered and built in Europe

All new electric Ford Explorer

All new electric Ford Explorer

Ford has just revealed the new all-electric Explorer. It is a bold new electric vehicle that combines German engineering with striking American style.

Ford tells us that the Explorer is the first in a wave of innovative new electric vehicles from them, that forges the way for a complete reinvention of their brand in Europe. The mid-size crossover has seats for five across two rows and Ford says that it is fully equipped to match families with the road to adventure.

Engineered and built in Germany, Ford claims that the all-electric Explorer offers an outstanding digital experience, helping drivers and passengers stay connected and comfortable on the move. Features include a ‘SYNC Move’ super-sized movable touchscreen. It features a fully connected infotainment system with audio tailored to the interior, wireless app integration and advanced driver assistance technology.

The blue oval brand says that an adventure-ready design, with storage of about 450 litres in five-seat mode, make Ford’s newest electric vehicle ideal for exploring the city and beyond. It boasts that the 17-litre console between driver and front-seat passenger can hold a 15-inch laptop, combined with a private locker and available hands-free accessible boot space, Ford’s all-electric Explorer sets a new standard.

Ford points to futuristic exterior styling, adding that it is matched by an ultra-modern interior with premium materials and features such as sculpted sporty seats and a sophisticated soundbar more typical of revolutionary concept cars than family vehicles. All this comes together with the ability to fast charge from DC charging stations 10 to 80 per cent in just 25 minutes. This is based on manufacturer computer engineering simulations. Ford also points to access, saying that by next year, owners will access up to 500,000 charging points across Europe.

“Explorer is a trailblazer for a new breed of exciting Ford electric vehicles. Steeped in our American roots but built in Cologne for our customers in Europe, it is road trip-ready for the big adventures and fully loaded with everything our customers will need for their daily drives,” said Martin Sander, general manager, Ford Model e, Europe.

Ford says that it will be available in two highly specified versions – the ‘Select’ and ‘Premium’. The plan is for the new all-electric Explorer will be available to order from later this year. The final price to be confirmed this summer, in line with opening to order.


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