Resolve persistent long Covid-19 symptoms with regular healing hyperbaric oxygenation sessions

Symptoms of long Covid can present in multiple forms including extreme fatigue, joint pain or stiffness, brain fog and breathlessness.

Such symptoms can be extremely debilitating and so many have searched for a resolve which thankfully can be found with hyperbaric oxygenation at OxyGeneration in Galway.

Studies have shown that these symptoms are due to low oxygen levels within the body as a direct result of the viral assault on the lungs during a Covid-19 infection. As hyperbaric oxygenation increases oxygen levels in the body, reduces inflammation, boosts your immune system and increases stem cell production it’s no wonder it’s such a successful treatment for long Covid.

A UK study published in the Royal College of Physicians Journal of Clinical Medicine found that, after ten sessions, people with long Covid-19 had significant improvements in their quality of life. This has been further demonstrated at OxyGeneration with many clients seeing complete resolution of long Covid-19 symptoms. Patients of the Beacon Long Covid Clinic are generally referred to OxyGeneration for 10 sessions to replicate the results of the UK study.

Hyperbaric oxygenation heals tissue injuries at a cellular level which is exactly what people with long Covid require. With a referral letter from your GP you can also avail of a 20% tax rebate as it is a medical expense.

Contact the OxyGeneration team on 091-394444 to find out more.


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