Med Aesthetics launch body shaping technology with EMSculpt NEO!

Every new year we are bombarded with articles and headlines on weight loss, diets, how to lose those extra pounds - do we really need to be told our waistlines have gotten bigger, or we have become even more curvier, the in word for weight gain?

No, we don’t, the question we should be asking is do we want to change?

If your answer is yes, the team at Med Aesthetics state-of-the-art Galway clinic, can offer you their knowledgeable expertise with genuine compassion on your personal journey, enabling you to succeed with their support.

Med Aesthetics was founded in 2018 by Alma McGrath and Mr Niall McInerney. Alma McGrath is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Certified Medical Laser Technician, Laser Safety Officer, and Certified Phlebotomy Technician, Alma is a body contouring specialist.

Mr Niall McInerney MB, BCh, BAO, MD, FRCS, is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Galway University Hospital, Ennis General Hospital, The Galway Clinic and The Bon Secours Hospital and is a member of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Med Aesthetics offers advanced cutting-edge technology that provides each patient with natural results. Is it any wonder that they are now home to the amazing BTL Emsculpt Neo.

BTL Emsculpt Neo is the supreme body-shaping system that combines high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation for muscle building, with radiofrequency for fat elimination in a 30-minute session, resulting in more fat reduction and muscle growth than any single gold standard product in the shortest possible time. Specifically, and scientifically developed to treat the abdomen, buttocks, arms and calves.

Emsculpt Neo is very beneficial for those of us looking for fat reduction and increased muscle tone.

If you would like to know more, the Med Aesthetics team would like you to join them at their launch of Emsculpt Neo at Unit 14-16, Mulvoy Park, Sean Mulvoy Road, Galway, H91 D585, on Thursday, February 2, from 5-7pm. Meet, greet and chat with Alma Mc Grath, co-founder of Med Aesthetics, Avril Flynn registered Midwife and Childbirth Expert and Dee Mc Mahon of BTL Aesthetics Ireland

“Being a plastic surgery centre of excellence, we provide a lot abdominoplasty. Emsculpt Neo is amazing for prepping the core, getting it engaged prior and post-surgery to redevelop and get the core re-engaged. A lot of athletes are coming to us to strengthen their core because this goes beyond exercise.

“How Emsculpt Neo targets the muscle is beyond what you can do in training. We have a lot of post pregnancy mom’s coming that have done all the exercise and eat healthy, but they just have those stubborn areas and pockets that they want to target.” Alma McGrath, co-founder of Med Aesthetics, stated.


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