Under inflated tyres could be costing businesses €4,000 a year

A vehicle with under inflated tyres could cost owners up to €17 per month in fuel costs and €4,000 per annum for a fleet of 20 company vehicles.

That’s according to calculations carried out by the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA ), who says in addition to fuel efficiency, under inflation of tyres can also negatively impact grip handling and braking performance, increasing the risk of a crash, as well as the wear and lifespan of the tyre.

As part of Irish Road Safety Week and Tyre Safety Day, motorists were encouraged to check their tyres and ensure they are not below the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm (1mm for motorcycles ), that they are not damaged and inflated to the correct tyre pressure.

Drivers can visit any ITIA dealer nationwide for a free tyre safety check, including a pressure check and tread depth inspection.

As the winter months approach, the RSA is also reminding road users that tyre grip will become increasingly important when driving in poor weather conditions.

Some general tips on tyre maintenance:

- The minimum legal tread depth for a car is 1.6mm however we recommend that you consider replacing them once they are below 3mm.

- There is 8mm of tread on a new tyre, the legal limit for motorcycles is 1mm.

- Poor tyre condition can lead to internal rust, rapid deflation or a possible blow out.

- Look out for, cracks cuts or grazes on the side wall of the tyre. Any visible bulges.

- Ensure wheels are aligned & balanced

- Don’t forget to check the spare tyre.


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