Lack of salary information deters potential job applicants - FRS Recruitment

Almost nine out of ten people in Westmeath (87% ) say the lack of salary information on a job ad has put them off applying for role.

The Employment Insights Survey also included a range of other insights from Westmeath employees. Four out of ten people (43% ) believe there will be more job opportunities available to them this year, in line with the 45% of people in Westmeath who were of that view a year ago.

This confidence in the jobs market in Westmeath in also reflected in the nine out of ten people (88% ) who believe they would secure a new job within a period of 3 months or less, up from the 55% who were of that view when the same question was posed 12 months ago. 48% fear for their job security now, up from the 41% who were concerned this time last year.

The majority of Westmeath employees (56% ) expect to receive a pay rise in the next 12 months and 43% feel their salary reflects their current position. Although one in three (35% ) would consider a pay cut if their job was at risk – below the national average of 46%.

“What this survey highlights is the shift in mindset that we’ve seen amongst employees in Westmeath and around the rest of the country. Following on from the pandemic many are now feeling on a much stronger footing and that is impacting the dynamics in the employment market in Westmeath and beyond. So we see a greater emphasis on salary with stronger expectations for rises, or salary becoming the key motivator when it comes to considering a new role.

“In that environment it should come as no surprise that candidates want to see salary information included in a job advertisement. This is a common refrain we hear from candidates, they want to get a better idea as to what package is on offer before they even begin the application process these days. There is also a growing belief amongst candidates that they will have no difficulty securing alternative employment as there are plenty of options out there so more will opt for the role that provides the type of information they are seeking," Lynne McCormack, General Manager of FRS Recruitment said.


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