Noting the essential pros and cons of fashion shopping during this Christmas season

While Christmas is hands down one of our favourite times of the year, this season can come with its fair share of stress.

While buying gifts for the special people in our lives can be a daunting task, clothes shopping can seem especially overwhelming. After all, people have such unique tastes and preferences when it comes to fashion and style. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a little guide to help you figure out how to shop for clothes this season to ensure your gifts make a lasting impression.

Pro - add a personal touch. Everyone loves receiving a personalized gift; it really shows that you’ve thought about them. You can’t go wrong with a simple monogrammed article of clothing. Hats and gloves showcasing the first letter of somebody’s name are a reliable yet endearing holiday gift choice.

Pro - shop according to the season. If you’re stuck for choice, you can always play it safe with cozy items. It is, after all, the winter season. Anybody would appreciate a pair of luxe gloves or a snuggly beanie that will keep them warm in chillier temperatures. An elegant scarf makes for a great gift too; since it’s a one-size-fits-all piece, there’s no room for error when it comes to sizing.

Pro - get a second opinion. Sometimes choosing clothes for someone can leave you with a multitude of doubts and second-guessing. It can be helpful to bring someone along with you on your shopping trip to get another perspective. Try bringing someone with a similar style to the person you’re shopping for along for guidance.

Pro - choose timeless pieces. Since fashion trends and aesthetics are constantly changing, the safest bet is to stick to clothing items that are classic in style. You can’t go wrong with a coat in a classic cut or a chic cashmere sweater.

Con - cake a risk with sizing. One of the worst things to happen on Christmas is receiving a gorgeous piece of clothing that just doesn’t fit. The hassle that then comes along with returning items ruins the impact of the gift. If you’re unsure about the sizing of a piece, it’s safer to avoid it completely. Instead, choose a standardized article, like an accessory. If you’re not intending to give the gift as a surprise, don’t be shy when it comes to asking your loved one for their size.

Con - choose an outrageous colour. Everybody’s wardrobe differs according to their lifestyles and their personalities. Some people avoid vibrant colours at all costs, while others thrive in boldness. Familiarize yourself with their sense of style before you commit to a gift. When in doubt, opt for neutral tones that they can style as they please.


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