Athlone Access Awareness prepares for annual Make Way Day campaign

John Tynan and Bogdan Negomireanu of Athlone Access Awareness prepare for MakeWayDay 2021

John Tynan and Bogdan Negomireanu of Athlone Access Awareness prepare for MakeWayDay 2021

Each corner of Ireland will be put to the test for basic access issues this Friday, September 24, when the Make Way Day campaign returns, with a testing twist!

Campaign organisers, the Disability Federation of Ireland, DFI, have developed an online test that campaigners can use to test and rate their local area or 5km.

“Our motto in Athlone Access Awareness is ‘together we can help disable inequality’.

“We in Athlone Access Awareness are happy to work with DFI, Disability Working Group and Westmeath County Council in supporting the role out of Make Way Day across Athlone in Co. Westmeath,” Chairman, Tony Broderick of Athlone Access Awareness, said.

Athlone Access Awareness are a registered charity comprised of ordinary people from various backgrounds and life’s experiences who have a common interest in promoting awareness for people with disabilities and some of the committee members have personal experiences with disability and therefore know first-hand the obstacles faced on a daily basis.

“Our vision is to see Athlone becoming an accessible town for everyone, including people with disabilities and our mission is to increase awareness of the need for accessibility for people disabilities, the elderly, so naturally we are very enthusiastic about partners in Make Way Day,” Mr Broderick continued.

Groups of individuals with disabilities, their allies, and local volunteers from Athlone Access Awareness will take part on the annual campaign day.

An online test will empower those with disabilities to survey their area for obstacles and rate its accessibility and will once again give them the chance to share their frustrations by posting photos of obstacles to social platforms with the hashtag, #MakeWayDay21.

The test will be available at and from partner local authorities such as Westmeath County Council, on Friday, September 24, Make Way Day. It is easy to use and download to a phone and will be circulated widely on the campaign’s social media platforms.

“Our aim is to have all the 5kms within neighbourhoods unite to give us one comprehensive map of access in Ireland. We will coordinate all the results. We aim to feed them back to the relevant people and work together towards clearer streets,” Mr Broderick concluded.


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