Award winning weddings at the popular family run Shamrock Lodge Hotel

The award-winning family run Shamrock Lodge Hotel wish to extend a hearty congratulations to all those recently engaged hoping you enjoy the celebrations to come!

It is a difficult time to start planning your big day however, the dedicated staff at the Shamrock Lodge Hotel are readily available with their personal, professional help and advice to do whatever they can to make your special day as wonderful as possible.

The team at the hotel have learned, grown and adapted to the ever-changing needs of our wedding couples over the years, understanding that times are changing, wedding requirements are evolving and with that, their flexibility is expanding to meet every couple’s requirements - after all, it is your day and it should be how you dream it to be.

The wedding team at the Shamrock Lodge Hotel welcome you to chat to staff members and talk through their Princess Grace Package, using the experience that they can extend to you during one of the most exciting periods of your life.

The team are available for virtual show-arounds, video calls and by appointment to the hotel.

For more information, please contact the Shamrock Lodge Hotel on 090 649 2601 or email [email protected] and ‘Let Our Family Look After Yours’ at the Shamrock Lodge Hotel.


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