Celebrating seven dedicated decades of experience and service at REA Hynes Athlone

Celebrating seven decades of dedicated service within the property industry, REA Hynes is a prominent auctioneering firm, chartered surveyors and estate agent located in the heart of Athlone town centre.

Established in 1967, the family run business, located at Dublin Gate Street, affords a pertinent focus on all essential aspects pertaining to the property market, specialising in the provision of numerous services to fulfil the relevant requirements of their extensive client base.

Under the guidance of Company Director, Donna Hynes, the business continues to thrive within the ever evolving property market affording clients an extensive array of relevant services from which to choose when buying or selling residential or commercial property.

Assisted by colleagues, Helen Collentine and Irene Coyne, both of whom have worked extensively within the property industry, the team at REA Hynes boast a wealth of essential knowledge assuring clients of a five star service from initial interaction until the conclusion of transaction.

Property Sales Service

As the residential and commercial property market emerges from the impact of Covid-19, REA Hynes remains wholly committed to providing a positive sales service to all clients.

“At REA Hynes we place great pride in our attention to detail and presentation of our client’s property in the best possible light.

“We guide our clients as they prepare their property for presentation. Our marketing tools combine the best of modern technology with essential traits, honesty and integrity.

“We have a proven sales record in the Midlands region and have matched many satisfied clients with the appropriate property, ensuring that both vendor and purchaser are content with the sale and purchase process.

“Due consideration must be afforded to all property market interactions, be it an investment or long-term purchase. Staff at REA Hynes will assist clients in making that decision, taking into consideration employment location, education options, and a vast array of additional considerations,” Donna commented.

The virtual viewing of properties was a regular occurrence as the pandemic impacted upon the industry but the recent return to client interaction (in line with relevant Covid-19 protocols ) has been welcomed by Donna.

“We have adapted during the pandemic to provide our clients with an unrivalled virtual property viewing option, but a return to face-to-face appointments, bearing in mind the relevant public health guidelines, is most welcome, as it allows for a more extensive and intimate on site feel to be realised,” Donna remarked.

New Homes Sales Service

Perfecting vast local knowledge through their insightful expertise, REA Hynes offers a strategic service to developers and builders of new home developments from the concept stage to completion of the residential units.

“Having established a proven track record in this regard, we can advise all relevant personnel from the site acquisition stage to the end result, that being the handing over of new build keys to the owners.

“During the various stages process, the team at REA Hynes will also be to the fore with regard to a cost-effective marketing campaign and offering prospective clients essential sales advice.

“We provide an unparalleled service from the initial planning stages affording our thoughts honed from previous home development schemes and using the feedback received.

“Internal changes can make a difference to purchasers and in the competitive new homes market, it can make the difference to sales being achieved.

“This is then reflected in the pricing of new homes from plan and site acquisition stage, advising on marketing concepts and budgets for both traditional and digital campaigns.

“The launch of new home developments is a positive experience with essential strong communication necessary between all the involved parties - dealing with the sales process and prospective purchasers and liaising with third parties.

“The process has evolved from the first sale of new homes during the initial stages of the business, but as REA Hynes has progressed, we have worked alongside many high profile and local builders along the way, from construction and the selling of developments such as River Village, Corran Riada, Ard Ri, Wellmount, Cartron Drive, Church Hills, Thomond Hall, River Court and Moyvale.

“We are actively selling a number of new home developments at Arcadin, Arcadia, just off Junction 11 of the M6 motorway in Athlone.

“We will earnestly guide purchasers through the acquisition of their new home. We provide them with ongoing updates in relation to their purchase ensuring there are no delays in the process,” Donna continued.

Selling Property

For those intending clients striving to sell, REA Hynes will inspect the relevant property and advise a value and suggested asking price.

“Choosing a method of sale entails a number of positives and negatives and we will discuss, at length, with clients the most suitable means for a particular property and advise of our recommended best option - be it private treaty, public or online auction or a sale by tender,” Donna added.

Property Management

REA Hynes are renowned for their exceptional interaction with corporate and professional tenants,

“We are readily available to personally show prospective tenants relevant properties and advise on all aspects of the letting process,” Donna asserted.

Property Valuations

With attention to detail being a notable business attribute, REA Hynes has extensive market knowledge in the Midlands region with all team members readily available to fulfil property valuation requirements.

“At REA Hynes we have a swift property valuation assessment time. Our valuers have access to an extensive property database with both historic and up-to-date valuation data and trends.

“Being a prestigious red book valuing business, we provide commercial valuations for financial institutions.

“Industrial and agricultural property valuations are additionally incorporated into a timely and confidential service to all our clients,” Donna stated.

Property Market Thoughts

As the nation emerges from the impact of Covid-19 and a semblance of business normality resumes, Donna has expressed her concern with the shortage of property supply within the current market.

“As we strive to continue our positive presence in the property market within the Midlands region, the concern remains that present supply is not meeting the demand of those who have receive mortgage approval. As a result, property premiums are escalating.

“Hopefully, this issue will resolve in due course as we strive for progress and positivity in the property industry,” Donna concluded.

REA Hynes is open for business at Dublin Gate Street from 9.30am-5.30 pm Monday to Thursday and from 9.30am to 5pm each Friday.

For information on properties available please call 09064 73838, visit www.reahynes.ie or email [email protected].


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