Local Independent Councillor seeking Low Road local authority attention

Local Independent Councillor, Jamie Moran, has called upon Westmeath County Council to investigate the current state of the low road from the Dog and Duck pub towards Glasson.

“The low road is presently in very poor condition and is sinking in some parts. A number of individuals have been in contact with me with regard to the state of this route as it is very problematic on which to drive and if it is raining, cars are driving on the middle of the road to avoid the numerous sinkholes.

“There are many residences along this road and there are also two marinas and a hotel which attract many tourists to the area.

“The locals have informed me that it is not that long ago since sewage treatment work was conducted along the low road and believe that the route was never restored to its original state. They want immediate action before an accident occurs,” Cllr Moran stressed.


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