IPPM launches incontinence and pelvic conditions online course

Aoife Ni Eochaidh is a chartered physiotherapist and winner of the BPW and Irish Permanent Galway ‘Young Business Woman of the Year’ award.

Her company IPPM offers physiotherapy for men, women and children for pelvic conditions and incontinence. She is an experienced chartered physiotherapist who runs her private clinic from Suite 14, Bon Secours Consultant Clinic in Renmore, Galway.

Aoife is delighted to announce the new Home Pelvic Routine courses, which are affordable digital learning courses for people world wide with incontinence and pelvic conditions. Individuals can do these courses in comfort and privacy at home and can purchase them online from ippm.ie

The Home Pelvic Routine course can be an adjunct to your pelvic physiotherapy appointment with Aoife when attending for assessment and or treatment at the clinic or as an adjunct too for consultations with Aoife by video call. The courses are step by step pelvic floor training routines, consisting of three videos and three ebooks. Some people may prefer to purchase their Home Pelvic Routine course without ever seeing or meeting Aoife. Home Pelvic Routine courses makes your pelvic physiotherapy more affordable and it means too that only the very essential appointments need to be in the clinic or by videocall.

The Home Pelvic Routine courses are suitable for new mothers (must be six weeks post-natal ), women of any age, women that have not had children, women that have had hysterectomy or bowel surgery (must be six weeks after surgery ), men after prostate or bowel surgery (must be six weeks after surgery ), men with erectile dysfunction and any man of any age.

Women and men can do Home Pelvic Routines as a preventative measure to try to avoid getting the all too common age related bladder, bowel, prolapse or sexual dysfunctions. Home Pelvic Routine courses are also available for children and teenagers.

Please log on to ippm.ie to see the Home Pelvic Routine Intro Video, and for more information on Aoife and the other pelvic physiotherapy services at IPPM.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown up the need for more efficient digital health therapies, especially in the area of incontinence treatment where millions are spent annually on pads for people who might otherwise be able to lead normal lives if they received pelvic floor training for their condition.

At IPPM, Aoife Ni Eochaidh uses modern, non-invasive evidence based technologies to ensure excellent results to combat a range of conditions most are too embarrassed to speak about.

These conditions include bladder and bowel incontinence and erectile dysfunction and other pelvic problems.

To book an appointment, a refresher appointment, or for further information please email [email protected] or ring 087 2863013.

To purchase a Home Pelvic Routine Course please log on to ippm.ie or ring 087 2863013. With incontinence and sexual dysfunction the problems are awful but with pelvic physiotherapy the results are great!


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