A wealth of wastewater treatment experience at STS Environmental

With a wealth of experience within the wastewater services and maintenance industry, STS Environmental provides relevant environmental service programmes tailored to meet the needs of all clients, both domestic and commercial.

To ensure your wastewater treatment system is operating to its maximum capability, regular servicing and maintenance is essential to prevent detrimental impact upon the environment.

With service and maintenance contracts available to domestic and commercial within the Midlands region on an individual basis, STS Environmental provide a high-end personal service which, during the present time, is most valued by all customers.

Ensuring the appropriate and necessary public health guidelines are adhered to during their appointments at all domestic and commercial locations, the highly skilled and fully trained team at STS Environmental will conduct their work in a professional manner and are readily available to answer any queries which, you, as an esteemed customer, may have.

For further information call John on 0868105765 or 043 33 25892 or email [email protected].


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