Nissan Leaf remains Ireland’s most popular electric vehicle

All new electric Nissan Leaf

All new electric Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf cemented its position as Ireland’s all time best-selling EV during the month of January as 980 new car buyers chose to make the switch to electric driving.

New EV sales are up 10 per cent on January 2020, even though car showrooms are closed during the national lockdown, and Nissan has captured the lion’s share of the early 2021 EV market with the 100 per cent electric Nissan Leaf.

Nissan’s success in selling 200 Nissan Leaf cars during the first month of 2021 is twice that of most other EV car brands.

“The current lockdown has led motorists to consider all of the merits of EV driving. They are researching at home and buying from home and Nissan’s experience as EV leaders has enabled them to make the right choice and to buy with confidence.

“The Nissan LEAF continues to be the benchmark for EV driving in Ireland. It delivers up to 385 kilometres of zero emissions driving on a single charge, the running costs are easier on your pocket and it maintains strong residual value. It is exceptionally well spec-ed and it starts at just €27,595.

“The Government’s environmental policy is aimed at removing diesel and petrol cars from Irish roads. Motorists are paying closer attention to how they can take the road to a sustainable, greener future and how best to gain an advantage over customers trading in diesel and petrol engines in years to come," Seamus Morgan, managing director of Nissan Ireland, said.

The Japanese brand has made the number one spot for EV sales in Ireland its own since the launch of Nissan Leaf over 10 years ago.

It says that 6,000 Irish EV drivers have already chosen the zero emissions vehicle as the most effective way to reduce their carbon footprint and motoring costs. The car has also sold over 500,000 units worldwide since its launch.

For further information on the all new electric Nissan Leaf or to view the Nissan suite of vehicles call Nissan Marsh, Blyry Business and Commercial Park, on 0906417400 or email [email protected].


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