Exploring shades of dark decor for your living room

The idea of painting a living room dark blue or a shade close to black can seem pretty radical but those that are interior decorating minded believe it is an idea worth exploring.

Ink is the new shade for those who want to be a bit braver with colour and tone so dark it is verging on black but with a hint of blue to make it softer.

Unlikely as it may seem, spreading Ink all over the walls of a room is a way to ensure the space feels larger and calmer.

The colour theory is that by giving your eye less to read, the room has fewer interruptions which makes it feel bigger than it actually is.

Those who know say the theory works whether the colour is light and bright or intense and moody.

Having your furniture, bookshelves and sideboards in the same inky tone as the walls, helps melt them into the background giving the illusion of even more floorspace.

There is no doubt that dark equals impact but most of us sense that it works best when combined with a touch of contrasting light.

Adding touches of crisp contrasting white, such as a row of bright white ceramics in a dark cabinet, for a modern take on monochrome will enhance your living room surrounds.

Ink also sits quite happily alongside punchier tones such as tan leather, russets and cranberry shades and the yellow ochre of mustard, where it creates an elegant new wave of neutral.

If you involve upholstery in the ink conversation you will benefit from rich tonal layers that bind your room together and celebrate your signature shade in all of its subtle differences.

There is no escaping the fact that ink is bold.

If you are someone who is more comfortable on neutral territory, or if all over ink feels just a bit too brave for you, then taking ink to the lower portion of your walls is a good way of easing into using darker colours.

So, whether you want to use it as a strong statement across walls and woodwork, or as an accent shade in your scheme, there is no doubt ink will feel bold and daring – and so will you.


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