Skincare guru shares top tips for winter season nurturing

Seasonal changes not only influence our moods, they also cause havoc to our skin.

From extreme heat to bitterly cold winds, our sensitive skin bears the brunt throughout the year. Tending to the body’s largest organ can seem like a chore to many, but Ireland’s top skincare guru Corinna Tolan shares her insider secrets and simple tips to ensure our skin is kept in the best shape possible during wayward weather spells.

With salons currently closed and maskne becoming one of 2020’s biggest skincare concern, we are left to our own devices to care for our skin from home, without the help of a master facialists touch, until now.

From working on a host of well known names including Kate Hudson and Little Mix , Corinna Tolan’s pocketbook of tips and tricks will keep our skin looking fresh and rejuvenated throughout the year.

“Our skin is the only organ of the body that is exposed to light and environment. Its primary function is defence. The weather changing will affect our skin so we need to adapt our routine accordingly, particularly in the winter, when daylight hours minimise, we are unable to make Vitamin D so we should supplement orally instead. Otherwise, harsh winds and rain can cause ceramides in our skin to rupture leaving skin feeling dry and irritated,” Corinna commented.

Corinna’s Seasonal Skincare Top Tips

•Keep The Skin Protected

Regardless of the temperature, Corinna stresses that we should be using SPF on our skin all year round, be it rain or shine, and it’s not just to save us from reddening sunburn!

“Key products that should be used all year round are SPF’s containing antioxidants. Free radicals are like scavengers in the atmosphere that don’t like to be free at all, they like to attach themselves to our skin and attack and degrade it. The reason an avocado will discolour within minutes of being peeled is a free radical attack, and we are no different. Free radical attack can result in skin cells becoming unstable which results in chronic ageing and unhealthy skin.”

•Feed Your Skin From Within

Applying our lotions and potions aren’t the only thing we can do to aid in caring for our skin, Corinna advocates that what we eat can also play a part.

“To eat your way to healthy skin you must include lots of oily fish like mackerel and salmon. They are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are key for hydrated and healthy skin. Also, lots of Vit A, as it is extremely important for skin health, so ensure your diet includes a lot of carrots, broccoli, fish and liver.”

•The Festive Season Hasn’t Been Our Skincare Friend

Indulging in the boxes of Roses and a few glasses of Vino throughout the festive season may not have been kind to our skin. Corinna notes that she has several clients experiencing additional skin issues post the holidays.

“I have noticed people are experiencing more breakouts than normal at the moment. This is possibly down to excess sugar and alcohol over Christmas period”.

However it may not be all down to the seasonal cheer, Corinna also notes that she’s seeing a number of cases of Maskne, not surprising given it was one of the top skincare concerns of 2020.

“I am also seeing skincare concerns from people continually wearing a mask. This is, of course, necessary at the moment, however, if using a reusable mask, we need to ensure we are regularly keeping them clean and washing them with products that don’t irritate the skin.”

•Skincare Trends For 2021?

“The trend I am seeing is a surge in is people looking to take better care of their skin and investing money they may have otherwise spent elsewhere.”

When it comes to the products she recommends to her clients?

“Due to the demand of my clients, I have created the Ultimate Skin Health Pack for at-home use. This is a professional standard treatment that you can carry out in the comfort of your own home. Containing 5 different skincare modalities, a peel, skin needling mesotherapy, cryotherapy and LED light. All used regularly as part of our professional treatment protocol and available to our customers for a limited time. This has been a huge hit with my clients and the results have been incredible, some saying even better than any treatment they’ve experienced in their local clinics”


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