Creating a true sense of complete cosiness within your home

Now that winter’s chill is very much prevalent it might be time to think about ways to bring some extra touches of comfort and cosiness to your home.

As the wearing of winter woollies becomes a regular occurrence for many Athlone Advertiser readers, there are ways of using décor to bring more warmth to your abode.

While an overhaul of each room is unlikely and impractical, leading interior design house Neptune have some tips that can help you hunker down from the minute you walk through the door.

In the living room it is all about warmth and nothing says cosy like a sofa with a blanket draped over its arm or an armchair with a throw beside.

Cushions and statement accessories provide the easiest route to a more seasonal look, so think about swopping your paler pieces for more richly coloured alternatives.

Invest in some candles – a clustered group of candles can provide a very comforting glow, particularly if paired with a warming reflective surface such as a mirror, brass or etched glass.

Glass candle holders and tealights are another useful addition. Amber tinted glass candle holders produce a gorgeous golden tone, while mercurised glass turns a candle’s glow into a beautiful glimmer.

When it comes to creating seasonal warmth hallways and landings can find themselves somewhat left out in the cold, but a sturdy lantern in the hall or even something as simple as a winter scented diffuser, will add a feeling of welcome cosiness for you and your visitors.

In the bedroom we are talking layers, layers and more layers. Blankets are one of the most popular of wintertime interior touches. Some people take the view that you simply can’t have too many of them.

Creating a cosy lair in your boudoir starts with one statement throw at the foot of your bed. Place this so it is at least halfway down your bedspread.

Then choose another blanket and place it on top but a little higher on the bed. This way both layers can be seen and appreciated.

A sheepskin cushion or two, such as Neptune’s soft and curly Tussock cushions, will add texture and further sumptuousness.

While a sheepskin rug will make sure toes have something snug to greet them in the morning and what could be more cossetting in winter than that?


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