#Please Speak Up campaign aims to address hidden hearing needs

Businesses and members of the public are being asked to consider the needs of hearing-impaired people in a campaign launched by Irish hearing healthcare specialists, Hidden Hearing.

The use of face masks and screens in retail outlets and in public places, like GPs surgeries, makes life difficult, on account of the muffled sound effect, noted Ashley Cunningham, Local Audiologist.

“More vulnerable and elderly people are encouraged to wear face masks in public, as are those dealing with the public in their line of work, but unfortunately, this makes it difficult to hear and that can add to the feeling of isolation in the hearing impaired, especially when they fail to understand what is being said,” Ashley remarked.

It is hoped that, as people recognise the #PleaseSpeakUp campaign, they will speak clearly, raise their voice a little and take the time to ensure that the individual understands. Many hearing aid users are struggling to wear masks over their hearing aids, and many have lost them whilst out and about.

Hidden Hearing are now offering Safeline devices which position the ear loop safely away from the hearing aid and provide security and comfort to the wearer.

Enquire about these new devices by emailing [email protected].

Read My Lips

Face masks effectively cover the mouth, and many people without hearing aids actually relied on lip-reading to compensate for hearing loss, without realising it, audiologists now believe.

“During the pandemic, the Hidden Hearing helpline has dealt with many people newly concerned about their hearing. When face masks affect the sound quality and you cannot see lip movements either, hearing loss is going to become much more apparent and it may be time to consider a hearing device”, Robin Smyth, Local Audiologist Hidden Hearing clinics, asserted.

Those enquiring about an urgent appointment now or who wish to book a consultation, can call Hidden Hearing in 21 Eyre Square, Galway on 091 539 230 for help.

Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s longest established exclusive hearing care experts, with almost 30 years of experience. New safety protocols are in place at all Hidden Hearing clinics for the utmost patient care, so visitors can attend clinics in safety and confidence.


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