Utilising the core family benefits of online parent mentoring service

A solid family relationship is the key to a strong in house unit - the pertinent thought of parent mentor psychotherapist, Elaine Lynch, who is now offering online sessions to assist parents recognise the thoughts, feelings and intentions behind their children’s behaviours.

“How families interact and relate with one another is the bed rock of a happy and joyful home. How family members communicate with each other is critical, but communication, open and honest communication can be difficult.

“In my experience as a parent mentor ‘All Behaviour Makes Sense’. How children and teenagers are not out to make life difficult for us parents, but are in fact showing us by their behaviours, how difficult life is for them.

“Children and teenagers are flying these flags of distress in the hope that someone will notice and help them. If these flags are flown in vain then their behaviours will increase, resulting in the child being perceived as troublesome, difficult, bold, attention seeking.

“In my one-to-one online parent mentoring sessions, I help you recognise the thoughts, feelings and intentions behind your children and teenagers difficult behaviours, from toddler to teen tantrums, refusal to go to school, ADHD, ADD, OCD DYSPRAXIA, DYSLEXIA, depression, suicide, self-harming, drugs and alcohol use,” Elaine asserted.

For further information with regard to the online parent mentoring sessions, you can contact Elaine on 0877999474 or log onto her website, happychild.ie


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