Garden entertaining ideas when the summer season sun goes down

Summer entertaining in your garden doesn’t have to be all about sunshine and barbecues.

Big believers in making gardens work as part of your home, leading interior design house Neptune has ideas on how you can enjoy entertaining outdoors, even when the sun has set.

For those fortunate enough to have them, garden rooms, conservatories and even greenhouses can be transformed into an outdoor room. It is about being connected to your garden and finding ways to help it act the part of a bona fide room in your home, even as the sun goes down.

Garden furniture, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and even rugs are now regular features in outdoor spaces. However, come evening, it is lighting that will really make you sit up and take notice of this space.

Lamp light is one of the most interesting ways that you can bring the sitting room atmosphere outdoors, because it really isn’t done so often. Fortunately, Neptune’s new battery-operated Hanover cordless lamp makes bringing lamp light to the garden so much more doable and when it comes to lighting outdoors, candles are one of the easiest tricks in the book.

Neptune’s Kate hanging tealight-holders, when suspended from nearby greenery, are just perfect for creating atmosphere in a very simple, budget friendly way. Day or night, bringing mirrors into the great outdoors is another good way of dressing and styling your garden, and not just for a special occasion, but for you to enjoy every day of the week.

They are not just there to look lovely. In the evening, mirrors throw the light around, reflecting your garden greenery and candlelight so you get to enjoy everything twice.

Another tip for enjoying al fresco entertaining when the sun goes down is to have throws and scatter cushions close to hand. Some snuggly wraps and blankets draped over the backs of a garden sofa or chairs will no doubt be appreciated as the evening temperature dips.

Think about using plenty of terracotta tones to make it feel warm and cosy, and entertaining outdoors can feel as comfortable as inside.


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