Planning time period adjustments during Covid-19 pandemic

In the context of the most up-to-date public health advice during this COVID-19 Emergency, the Government has introduced a further (third ) suspension of all time periods associated with statutory processes under the Planning and Development Acts.

This means that time periods specified for any statutory planning process under these Acts and related planning and building control legislation are disregarded, which means that they are, in effect, extended for the period from Sunday, March 23 (date of original Order ) to Saturday, May 23 inclusive i.e. 56 days or a total period of eight weeks. This period may be further extended by Order of the Minister.

Please note that the Planning Service at Westmeath County Council continues to operate to the maximum extent possible during this time and every effort is being made to ensure that services are available as normal. Preparation is also ongoing at a national level to ensure that sufficient measures will be in place to enable public participation in the planning process to recommence in accordance with planning legislation.

Draft Westmeath County Development Plan 2021-2027

The public consultation period for submissions and observations to the Draft Westmeath County Development Plan 2021-2027, available at, has also been extended by a total of 56 days or until such time as the Minister determines.

You can now make submissions to the Draft Development Plan in writing up until 5pm on June 30.


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