Athlone native tells of current Mexico City COVID-19 experience

Athlone native, Ryan Cassidy, pictured with his partner Paulina Rodriguez

Athlone native, Ryan Cassidy, pictured with his partner Paulina Rodriguez

Athlone native, Ryan Cassidy, is presently residing with his partner Paulina, in Mexico City, as the COVID-19 pandemic, remains a vast health concern globally.

The son of Joe and Caroline Cassidy relocated to Mexico prior to Christmas 2019 and in a country currently without Government enforced lockdown restrictions in place, noted that he and his partner are quarantining in a country which has experience in excess of 2,000 deaths from the virus.

“My partner Paulina and I are both in quarantine but are maintaining daily normality as much as possible. Being able to work from home is been very beneficial and hopefully, this aspect of life will become more common in the future as it is a suitable way of reducing commuter fatigue.”

“It has also enabled me to interact with my friends who are at home in Ireland in lockdown, which is an ideal manner of escapism for me to hear from Athlone almost daily,” Ryan remarked.

The effects upon personal lives during lockdown remain vast and although it was Ryan’s birthday this week, he was unable to celebrate the occasion in a manner befitting of the date.

“Like many people under lockdown, I did not get to celebrate my birthday as normal on May 2 so it is bad timing for that, but hopefully I can celebrate at a later date! It has also been difficult to visit more locations in Mexico itself, and there are many places still left to visit in the city alone.

“I have also had to cancel a few trips abroad which were planned, but hopefully I can catch up after the situation has improved,” Ryan continued.

Ryan and his partner stave off the boredom which COVID-19 quarantine days can induce by remaining in regular contact with family and friends online, partaking in hobbies and watching television.

“There are many ways to keep boredom at bay, and thankfully, I do get to have regular contact with home. I miss my family and friends but thankfully, they remain in healthy and safe and that is what matters,” Ryan concluded.


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