Portiuncula Hospital General Manager prepares for onset of COVID-19 surge

In preparation for the COVID-19 confirmed cases surge, frontline management and staff working persistently and consistently at Portiuncula University Hospital, remain thoroughly focused on the pertinent public health issue which appears to escalate on a daily basis.

Speaking to the Athlone Advertiser this week, James Keane, General Manager, Portiuncula University Hospital, lauded the work ethos of all frontline staff members who remain diligently focused in such a pressurised environment.

“Credit is consistently due to our frontline team of staff working in such unprecedented circumstances. Presently, the hospital is preparing for a surge of COVID-19 related cases which I am of the opinion, will arrive from April 10 onwards,” Mr. Keane stated.

The focus is on enhancing the number of beds available in ICU prior to the imminent surge.

“Presently, there are four beds in ICU, but through in-hospital reorganisation we are hoping to increase capacity to accommodate 13 patients who may require ventilation treatment,” Mr. Keane continued.

With COVID-19 now a regular occurrence, patients can expect to obtain their results within a 24 hour period.

“The hospital has been fine tuned to accommodate COVID-19 patients and those suffering from other ailments and I would like to make it clear that our A&E department remains open with is readily accessible to all who require its service, both COVID-19 and non virus related,” Mr. Keane reiterated.

Mr. Keane, now four years in his role as General Manager, called upon the local community heed all relevant health advice and continue to play their part in flattening the COVID-19 curve.

“Our frontline medical team continue to work to the utmost of their capabilities. They too have their own personal concerns, but the more our local community continues to adhere to the current lockdown restrictions, the less onerous the task for our frontline employees in the times to come,” Mr. Keane concluded.


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