Inaugural Green Party candidate launches election campaign

In excess of one hundred persons were present as Green Party Deputy Leader, Catherine Martin TD, formally launched the general election campaign of Roscommon/Galway candidate, Julie O'Donoghue.

Addressing the crowd, Deputy Martin noted the green wave rising throughout the country, urging rural Ireland voters to support the first time candidate's general election campaign.

“If the 'Green Wave' is to be successful, it must bring rural Ireland with it. It’s green voices who will have the experience and the know how to transition to a low carbon economy in a fair and sustainable way. We need to have that balance of thought so that every time we say something, not only are we green proofing it, we’re rural proofing it," Deputy Martin commented.

Declaring her intentions, Julie O’ Donoghue spoke about what Green policies will mean for Roscommon/Galway.

“Going green will present many opportunities for this region but challenges due to our reliance on carbon intensive activities will need to be resolved. Greening our economy will only be possible if we can show that it can be done fairly and successfully. That is why I will prioritise a Green Deal for Roscommon/Galway," Ms. O'Donoghue stated.

The general election aspirant spoke about the enormous potential for ecotourism and an extensive greenway for the region. She wants to significantly increase investment in public transport and also spoke about the financial and other benefits for rural areas of overhauling our energy sector.

She highlighted remote working opportunities as being part of the solution to lowering carbon emissions and tackling the huge issue of rural decline and unbalanced development between rural and urban areas.

She asserted that the current industrial model is not working for farmers and called for a fairer system that would benefit both farmers and the environment.

"Economic success needs to be measured by people’s quality of life to ensure better services in all areas, including health and housing. Business as usual is not working for our region, the country or the planet and that many people are looking for a real change in politics. I believe that I can offer that and intend to be the first ever Green Party representative elected in Roscommon/Galway," Ms. O'Donoghue concluded.


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