Notable health benefits of Oceans Energy supplements

Crea Biotech, a Galway based company, established in 2016, extracts high value ingredients from Irish seaweed and has carried out three years of research and development on the health benefits of their supplements.

Oceans Energy™ supplements are 100 percent natural, suitable for vegans, non-GMO, free from any solvents or irradiation, HALAL certified, produced according to GMP regulations and approved for human consumption.

What Customers Say

“I am 60 years old and am diagnosed with type 2 diabetes since 1995. My blood glucose has been erratic over the years to put it mildly. Since taking Oceans supplements, my blood glucose has remained in single digit figures. My sugar cravings diminished. I lost 5kg in excess weight over 2 months of taking the supplements. My digestive health noticeably improved. The supplements have become part of my daily routine.” – Shay from Louth

“I ordered Oceans Energy two years ago. They are easy to take. The best supplement I have ever used for my digestive system. Can’t be without them.” – Fiona from Galway

“Absolutely fabulous! I have hiatus hernia and a sluggish digestion. I would recommend this product to anyone.” – Carol from Galway

“My digestive health is back to normal.” – Nancy from Galway

“My energy levels increased. I sleep better.” – Chris from Roscommon

“My sugar cravings went away.” – Peter from Roscommon

“I’m 47 and have a slow metabolism. I had desperate sugar cravings whenever I tried to lose weight. After 3 days of taking Oceans the sugar cravings had totally disappeared. I have no desire to eat biscuits or chocolate. I lost 10lbs to date. I take one capsule every day together with a balanced diet, I take 2 tablets on days when I need a little extra energy.” – Marie from Galway

“Energy levels have improved. Not tired all the time like I used to be. Another thing I noticed is that my sugar cravings stopped. I used to eat anything sweet especially at night but since taking Oceans I don’t have any cravings anymore. I lost 2 stone in 18 months.” – James from Galway


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