Intake of Chromium essential for blood sugar control

Chromium is an essential trace mineral which forms a major part of Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF ) in the body, being responsible for the proper use of glucose.

It is therefore necessary for keeping blood sugars balanced. Chromium is most well known therefore for its use to aid slimming. In order for glucose to be metabolised efficiently it needs to be transported to the cells via the action of the hormone insulin.

Chromium increases the sensitivity and number of cell receptors to insulin and so increasing the efficiency of blood glucose metabolism. It is hardly surprising that Chromium is used extensively to control high blood sugar and to reduce sugar cravings, ast is thought that high insulin levels in the body due to insulin resistance can cause the body to store fat when more than the required calories are consumed and therefore Chromium supplementation plays a part in increasing the rate of fat loss from the body.

When blood sugar is not effectively metabolised it can lead to a process known as ‘glycosylation’. This is when sugars attach themselves to proteins, therefore damaging their structure. This in turn can damage artery walls.

When sugar attaches itself to a protein such as collagen it damages it’s structure. Collagen is the main connective tissue protein in the body responsible for the formation of healthy skin, hair and nails.

There is much evidence to suggest that glycosylation can significantly damage cells and essential body compounds, and accelerate the ageing process of all body tissues and organs.

Chromium has been shown to reduce the process of glycosylation preventing it’s many effects. Chromium should not be supplemented by insulin dependent diabetics as it may compound the drugs effects leading to difficult managing of insulin dosage and parhaps dangerous drops in blood sugar.

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