Array of activities planned for Midlands Science Festival

As the forthcoming annual Midlands Science Festival grows closer, local development agency Midlands Science is preparing to provide an array of incredible events and science fun across the Midlands region.

The Midlands Science Festival, which begins on November 9, celebrates science in the region with original programming that includes lively debates and lectures, film productions, hands-on workshops and interactive demonstrations for people of all ages. All things science will be explored through shows, demonstrations and talks to advance our understanding and appreciation of everything from astronomy to zoology.

This year’s festival includes a family open day, travels in Chernobyl, the Science of Harry Potter, cancer causes and cures myth busting, National Museum of Ireland outreach events and much more. Popular activities such as science knitting patterns for local knitters and a Science Festival Book Club for adult and younger readers return again this year.

Exploring everything from invisible ink to Darth Vader’s voice, the Midlands Science Festival is a unique opportunity to explore science through a diverse programme of interactive events, workshops and shows. This year’s festival also includes a strong focus on climate change issues and sustainability and a specially curated ASD appropriate event. Supported by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI ) and a number of corporate and academic partners, this is the seventh year of the festival.

“We are delighted, through support from Science Foundation Ireland and a number of key partnerships, to be bringing a number of exciting science events to the Midlands again this year. We will be exploring everything from climate change to the science of Harry Potter, from bog bodies to quantum physics. Science Week is the essence of diversity.

“We have strived to link the science issues we explore in our outreach work with everyday life and experiences and this year, we are more than ever conscious of this, as climate change is a national theme for Science Week. This is an issue which increasingly affects all aspects of our lives. Science can help us understand what is happening and also provide us with the information to make different choices and pursue solutions in the future. We are delighted to again be working with partners such as the local heritage offices, local partnership companies and libraries.

“We hope that people will take the opportunity to attend some of the events which we have programmed for this year, they are all free and feature world class experts who are passionate about science and sharing that passion with others,” Jackie Gorman, Director of the Midlands Science Festival, remarked.

The festival takes sciences out of scholarly journals and traditional laboratories into the cultural mainstream in a more accessible, creative and impactful way. It a wonderful opportunity for science enthusiasts to see what’s new and innovative in the world of science and technology. It is also the perfect chance for someone who is just tipping their toe into science for the first time, to participate in over one hundred hands-on activities and live performances by science explorers, communicators and experts whose mission it is to educate, entertain, inform and inspire.

“We are delighted to announce some of the key events which will take place in Westmeath this year including fantastic DNA workshops with Maya Frost and her team of Cell Explorers, Rockateer Roadshow, the Science of Harry Potter and lots more,” Jackie commented.

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