Dean Crowe Theatre to host enticing live performances

Rory O’Connor aka Rory’s Stories will bring his live show to the Dean Crowe Theatre this Saturday, October 19

Rory O’Connor aka Rory’s Stories will bring his live show to the Dean Crowe Theatre this Saturday, October 19

The Dean Crowe Theatre stage is the venue in which to be as the atmospheric auditorium hosts three enticing productions of note

Rory’s Stories (October 19 )

Rory O’Connor is Ireland’s favourite online funny man and a best-selling author.

What’s the Story Rory? takes a hilarious and frank look at every aspect of Irish life. From the GAA to the Gardai and everything in between, Rory’s quick comedic wit perfectly captures what it means to be Irish.

Bringing his sketches to life in his stand-up shows, he has sold out venues across Ireland, and even as far as Australia and the Middle East. Rory took his debut show to Irish arts theatres in March and April of this year and sold out all fourteen shows! This is a show not to be missed!

Joe Rooney and Patrick McDonnell - Culchie Warriors (November 2 )

Culchie Warriors brings two of the most memorable characters from Father Ted together for a night of hilarious comedy plus a chance to compete in a “Lovely Girls” competition.

Joe Rooney (Father Damo ) and Patrick McDonnell (Eoin McLove ) are renowned stand-up comedians with a unique take on Irish society. Between them they have written and appeared in some of the most popular TV comedies of the last ten years; Naked Camera, Killinascully and The Savage Eye. They have been making online waves recently with their Joe and Pat sketches. They have adapted some of these sketches for an exciting new live show.

Defending the Caveman (November 8 )

Have you ever wondered why men can’t multitask, or why women can’t change a tyre? Wonder no more!

Professional stand-up comedian, and one of the busiest Irish headline acts on the circuit, Tom O’Mahony brings his energetic and brilliantly funny persona to the stage to take the audience on a unique comedic journey that brings the house down with every performance.

Using psychology, sociology and plain old observational comedy, Defending the Caveman highlights the battle of the sexes – the stereotypical and yet, undisputedly true differences between men and women.


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