Curcumin noted for its anti-inflammatory benefits

Curcumin is the active ingredient of turmeric (curcuma longa ). Curcumin gives turmeric it’s golden yellow colour. Science has shown curcumin to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, providing it with the ability to be extremely beneficial in many areas of health.

You may believe your health is just fine, and you may be unaware your body’s under attack from hidden inflammation that may not openly affect your well-being for decades to come. In a sense inflammation is a good thing, if you twist your ankle, your immune system creates pain, heat and swelling to prevent you from moving it. The real problem is the subtle inflammation. Your body releases unseen inflammation-related chemicals, triggered by toxic overload, food sensitivities and stress which can silently damage the body over time.

Fortunately, nature provides a wealth of nutrients that support inflammation reduction. Among the most powerful is curcumin. Research suggests that curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is believed to lower the enzymes needed to produce inflammation. It therefore aids in the reduction of swelling and pain, and has been shown to be beneficial in arthritis, back pain, menstrual cramps, and much more.

Curcumin is also a powerful antioxidant which mops up free radicals that can damage our cells leading to disease.

Curcumin has the added benefit of helping to reduce the build-up of bad cholesterol(LDL ) in our blood vessels.

Organically grown, turmeric contains over 100 active curcuminoids plus all the essential co-factors for optimal activity and results – just as Mother Nature intended. Therefore I recommend Nature’s Plus Source of Life Garden certified Organic Curcumin as it does not require additional supplements for it’s absorbency. It is also 100 percent vegan.

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