Dean Crowe Theatre to host enticing live stage performances

Circus 250 - Strong Women Science takes place in the Dean Crowe Theatre on October 18

Circus 250 - Strong Women Science takes place in the Dean Crowe Theatre on October 18

The month of October promises to be laden with enticing live performances at the Dean Crowe Theatre, as three productions of note take to the stage at the west side venue.

Three Hail Marys – Tommy Marren (October 11 and 12 )

Following an extended run at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin you have to check out one of the most talked about Irish plays this year as Three Hail Marys by Tommy Marren continues another sell-out nationwide tour.

You’ll be introduced to the three Marys who chat, argue, sing, dance and reminisce about their lives. From chicken-pluckers to fishing rods and decapitated statues to sing-songs this in one nursing home experience you will never forget.

With a few unexpected twists and turns and a rousing finale this is one night of theatre that has to be seen.

Circus 250 – Strong Women Science (October 18 )

Strong Women Science is a brand new circus science show starring two women scientists turned circus performers. Aoife (an engineer ) and Maria (an environmental scientist ) reveal the amazing science behind their astounding tricks.

Ever wanted to know how you balance a chair on your chin, if you can juggle liquid, or how circus performers eat fire?

‘Jaw-dropping, informative and fun. Strong Women Science’s performance was incredible! I loved every minute!’

‘If ever there were role models I would like my own daughter to have – the two Strong Women would be it!’

Strong Women Science doesn’t only illustrate scientific facts. It seeks to promote enquiry, inventiveness and accessibility in science, making it open to all, in particular young women and girls. In addition to demonstrating scientific principles in fun and accessible ways, it looks at the worth of failure and the power of teamwork, both shared by science and circus. Because when science meets circus, anything is possible.

Rory’s Stories (October 19 )

Rory O’Connor is Ireland’s favourite online funny man and best selling author,

‘What’s the Story Rory?’ takes a hilarious and frank look at every aspect of Irish life. From the GAA to the Gardai and everything in between, Rory’s quick comedic wit perfectly captures what it means to be Irish.

Bringing his sketches to life in his stand-up shows, he has sold out venues across Ireland, and even as far as Australia and the Middle East. Rory took his debut show to Irish arts theatres in March and April of this year and sold out all fourteen shows! This is a show not to be missed!


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