Extinction Rebellion Athlone set to host climate change demonstration

Members of Extinction Rebellion Athlone will host a demonstration relating to matters climate change outside Athlone Library at 3pm on Friday, September 20.

Members of the environment awareness organisation are encouraging locals and those from across the Midlands region to unite in their call for urgent action on climate change.

“Time is running out to take action to tackle climate change before it becomes unstoppable. September 20 is a chance to support our young people who have been campaigning for the Government to take their futures seriously and meaningfully address the biggest crisis to face humanity in thousands of years, climate change," Aisling Connaughton of Extinction Rebellion Athlone, remarked.

Echoing similar sentiments, fellow Extinction Rebellion member, Julie O'Donoghue called for radical climate change policy implementation.

“Our Government is knowingly contributing to dangerous levels of climate change and biodiversity loss. Ecological collapse will directly impact our children and grandchildren so we need radical policy changes now. Together, we need to send a strong and clear message that we are not willing to wait any longer for meaningful action," Julie emphasised.

For further information, contact Extinction Rebellion Athlone on Facebook or phone 0872640589.


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