New VW Golf with hybrid powertrain option

The new generation Volkswagen Golf will be available with a 48-volt mild-hybrid power train when launched later this summer.

Likely to go on sale here by the year's end, it will be equipped with a 48V belt starter generator and a 48V lithium-ion battery to give it hybrid power, delivering better fuel economy. The regenerative braking recoups energy with a generator facilitating the conversion of kinetic energy from the process into electrical energy, which is stored in the lithium-ion battery pack.

This can also provides a boost in power during acceleration and help reduce fuel consumption. This is a cost effective system related to the kinetic energy recovery system introduced into the Formula 1 race series.

The passive boost function converts the generator into a motor and utilises the high voltage battery to assist with the acceleration of the vehicle. The starter generator is only used to supplement the power produced by the internal combustion engine, therefore the vehicle is not capable of full electric drive.

Word from Germany is that it will be available with either a 1.0-litre or 1.5-litre EA211 engines paired with a dual-clutch transmission.

As one would expect from any of the top carmakers, the next Golf will progress to a fully connected vehicle with extended autonomous driving functions.

A spokesman said: “It will always be online and its digital cockpit and assistance systems will be the benchmark in terms of connectivity and safety."

The most talked about element of the new Golf is the much changed and modern interior of the car. It has been seen and is described by a colleague as "a bold new design revamp". It will have two screens, one in front of the driver and one in the centre of the dash. Volkswagen expects new added technologies will play a big role in attracting buyers.

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