Public consultation on the draft climate change sectoral adaptation plan launched

The Office of Public Works’s draft climate change sectoral adaptation plan for flood risk management has been launched for public consultation.

The Flood Risk Management plans identify 118 flood relief schemes in addition to the 35 flood relief projects that are already in design and development under the existing capital programme. These schemes will be carried out over the next decade and will address the flood risk to a total of 23,500 properties underpinned by a €1 billion funding investment provided in the National Development Plan 2018 - 2027. These schemes will be designed and constructed to standards which take account of potential future climate change impacts.

Deputy Kevin “Boxer” Moran who launched the public consultation said; “It is likely that climate change will have significant impacts on flooding and flood risk in Ireland due to rising sea levels, increased rainfall in winter, more heavy rain days and more intense storms. Ireland is well advanced in its preparations to tackle flood risk now and into the future arising from the potential impacts of climate change.

“The OPW has completed the most extensive and comprehensive study on flood risk ever undertaken in this country through the Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM ) programme. The measures contained in the Flood Risk Management Plans prepared under the CFRAM Programme have been assessed and developed taking account of the impact that climate change would have on future flood risk, and how adaptable a proposed measure might be to cope with the potential impacts of climate change.

“The sectoral adaptation plan for flood risk management considers the impacts of climate change on flooding and flood risk, as well as on flood risk management and identifies 21 adaptation actions needed to ensure effective and sustainable management of flood risk into the future. These adaptation actions will be underscored by a monitoring and review process which will allow for adjustments over time based on improvements in understanding, advances in science, and experience of implementation.

“This draft adaptation plan has been prepared for the public to consider and respond to during the public consultation phase which is open until August 16. Public and stakeholder engagement is a critical component in the development of sustainable long-term strategies for adapting flood risk for climate change. I would encourage the public to participate in the development of this sectoral adaptation plan in preparation of our future strategies and actions to deal with the impacts of climate change on flood risk management.”



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