Front doors make for good first impressions

A beautiful front door can say a lot about your style and set the tone for the rest of your home.

It is the first thing visitors to your home will encounter so your front door needs to make a good first impression.

But while your front door creates a welcome and offers an opportunity to present your personal style, it also has several other important jobs to do.

"A good front door not only looks well, it also has to provide safety, security and draught-proof peace of mind for the homeowner," said Jim Toal of Fairco Windows and Doors.

Front doors come in a host of different styles from traditional to modern, there are also a whole range of materials from composite, uPVC, aluminium or timber to pick from.

All this choice can present those looking to replace or install a new front door with something of a challenge.

"Most people decide to change their front door when it no longer meets their needs because it is either visually unappealing or it is rotten, draughty and unsecure,” said Jim, who has 30 years experience in the trade.

"Along with the style you choose for your door there are other important points to consider such as how secure it is, whether it will be draught-proof and how much maintenance it will require."

As a windows and doors expert Jim recommends high-quality composite doors and those made from Accoya timber, which not only look good, they score highly where it counts on security and comfort.

"Composite doors come in a vast range of colours, designs and styles, they will last a lifetime and best of all they are maintenance-free.

"For those who prefer the look and feel of wood but don't want the workload involved in regular maintenance, Accoya timber makes a particularly good choice.

"It has all the qualities of hardwood but is extremely low-maintenance and more environmentally friendly."

All Fairco's hardwood and Accoya timber doors can be made to bespoke shapes and sizes if required.

When it comes to individualising your door and maybe letting some extra light in, there are lots of options worth considering such as glass inserts, front door arches, fanlights and glass panelling either side of your front door.

"Whether your taste is traditional or very contemporary, we can help you create a front door that looks a treat, works for your home and creates a welcome buzz for everyone who visits," said Jim.


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