Essential tips for summer festival weekends

Spending a weekend with friends, listening to your favourite artists and dancing the night away is what summer festivals are all about.

To ensure your summer festival experience goes more than smoothly, check out this summer festival survival checklist.

Toiletries - toiletries should always be at the top of your festival checklist. Having items such as hand sanitizer, dry shampoo and baby wipes available during what’s usually quite a messy weekend is always a good idea. Pop some sun cream in too, it’s good to stay hopeful!

Power bank - that sheer feeling of panic you feel when your phone battery has died, leaving you with no way of getting in contact with the friends that you have managed to lose sight of in the midst of it all. Having a power bank handy will make sure you are always within reach.

A good quality tent - it’s everyone’s worst nightmare - waking up during a lovely sleep to rain dripping on your face and water leaking into your sleeping bag. Chip in with all your friends for a good quality tent, don’t let that nightmare become a reality!

Appropriate clothing - of course, the importance of getting the perfect Instagram during your festival weekend is paramount. But, the unpredictability of the Irish weather is always a certainty, meaning it’s super important to pack appropriate clothing! This includes a decent rain jacket, tonnes of spare socks and anything else to keep you nice n’ cosy.

Cash and cards - not all vendors at music festivals accept card so be sure to have some cash on hand. Also, keep your bank card and ID close in case any sort of emergencies arise.



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