Start every day with a boost from Russell Hobbs

Developing good eating habits has never been easier with the Russell Hobbs NutriBoost.

Its blending function makes smoothies, soups, sauces, and delicious nutrient packed drinks that are quick and easy to make without losing any valuable vitamins. Getting the right nutrients every day can improve your health, your appearance and the way you feel.

The NutriBoost is a great gadget for people who want to enjoy more fresh food in their diet without lots of fuss and hassle. This advanced appliance will not waste a single nutrient or morsel of goodness, because all the delicious taste and vitamins from the fruit and vegetables end up in your drink.

It also has a serrated blade that is good for grating cheese, grinding coffee beans and chopping up nuts. With all of these features packed into one appliance, you can have fun getting creative and trying out a range of recipes and flavours.

It comes with: three large cups, two small cups, a selection of lids for all storing and serving, a serrated blade that is great for grating cheese, grinding coffee beans and chopping up nuts, a shaker lid with holes suitable for cheese, chocolate and spices, and a travel lid with a drinking spout and cover.

Russell Hobbs products are available nationwide from independent Irish electrical retailers.


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