Adding vibrant eclectic style to your interiors

Everywhere you look the atmosphere is eclectic as images abound of interiors that beautifully combine furniture from different eras with a variety of fabrics, colours and textures.

It is a look that exudes a carefree and boldly Bohemian attitude.

But for those of us who are a little less confident about our design skills, the word eclectic can be somewhat scary.

Thankfully, the design gurus at leading interiors house Neptune have come up with some tips for those who want to explore eclectic style, without fearing the end result will be an unstructured mish-mash

Like a meticulously coordinated outfit, when you have a room with just one variety of furniture the atmosphere will feel much more formal.

The perfectly put together room can appear a bit too poised, a bit too polished.

When every design matches it becomes less inviting to just make yourself at home.

By adding in touches of difference to your interiors, you are basically loosening up your scheme and letting it, and everyone in it, become a bit more relaxed.

Neptune advise those keen to mix things up while still erring on the side of caution, to choose furniture in different but obviously complementary styles.

You can create a deliberate contrast by putting crisp finishes next to softer ones, such as placing Neptune’s comfy and casually rumpled Long Island sofa their tightly tailored Eloise ottoman.

Adding accessories, such as an almost industrial style Carter coffee table and Brompton brass floor lamp, introduces another different character of furniture.

The key to making sure your design stays balanced is by ensuring there is at least one other piece in the room that has the same sort of tone.

However, adding two different styles of furniture and accessories is not quite enough to count as eclectic, but as soon as you add three, there will be enough variation to ensure your scheme no longer looks overly composed.

For those dipping their toes into the world of the eclectic, three styles of furniture is a safe way to play with contrast without fearing your home will seem muddled.

Combining contrasting items with a few pieces that are a similar style, will lend your room consistency and a degree of composure that is reassuring and familiar.

The design confident can of course continue to add additional styles but if the results feel too varied, remember for those new to the eclectic look, three is the magic number.


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