Adding character to a home with stylish sash windows

While traditional sash windows are a beautiful addition to any building, unfortunately, age and lack of proper maintenance can see them lose their charm.

The good news is, no matter what the problems are – you don’t need to give up on your sash windows just yet.

According to the experts at Fairco Sash Windows and Restoration, there are just seven things you need to know about renovating sash windows.

The first thing to consider is ventilation. Sash windows contain a free and noiseless air conditioning system by design.

With both the top and bottom sashes sitting open, cool air is drawn in through the bottom while warm air circulates out the top of the window. This simple system effectively cools your home in summer and will efficiently air out rooms at any time of the year.

Next on the list is counterbalance. The working system of a sash window is not visible, so it is easy to miss its genius.

A cord connects the sash to a weight hanging in a hidden chamber within the frame of the window. The weight moves up and down the chamber, and keeps the window sitting in position when open. This system ensures that the window will never drop closed of its own accord.

Then there is double glazing to consider. When it comes to sash windows, it is easy to assume the choice is between preserving original fittings and the heat retentive benefits of modern windows.

In actual fact, you can enjoy insulation while preserving the original features of your home as sash windows can be sympathetically fitted with double glazing while retaining the features of the original window.

Next on the list is compliance. Fairco’s industry experts can help you to navigate building regulations when you replace your windows, ensuring the correct level of insulation is met and the windows are safe and correctly fitted.

To guarantee you comply with all household insurance requirements, they ensure all windows accessible from the outside are fitted with key operated locks on both sides of the window.

Opening restrictors, which restrict the ability of children to open windows, can also be fitted to comply with new legislation.

Then comes installation, and this is a far easier process than you might imagine.

Almost all sash windows are installed from inside the property, meaning that most installations will not require scaffolding and one sash window can be totally draught proofed in about four hours.

The most important thing to consider is draught proofing your sash windows, which makes for a warmer, cosier home and a significant reduction in heating bills.

Even if sash windows are draughty or rattling, they can be returned to all their former glory and improved upon. Draughts are mainly caused by badly aligned sashes and a lack of compression between the sashes, both of which are easily addressed by the experts.

Historically, sash windows were made to last for generations and with a little effort and expertise, even those that look beyond repair can be returned to their former glory.

Woodwork will rot over time, but rotten timber can be removed and replaced in profiles that are the exact replica of the original. Frayed cords are also replaced so the sashes can operate smoothly.

It just takes a little care and attention from skilled craftspeople to bring life back to a sash window.

And Fairco’s expert restorers are on a mission to maintain the beauty of traditional sash windows while bringing them up to modern standards.


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