Use of textiles enhances bedroom comfort and warmth

Whatever room in your home you are decorating, there is usually one element which pulls everything together.

In a sitting room the sofa draws the eye, while in a dining room, it is nearly always the table.

For the bedroom, however, it’s all about textiles. Even more than the bed itself, the fabrics you use can have a huge effect on how a bedroom looks and feels.

But with so many layers and textures in one place, from the bed and bedding to the headboard, armchairs and throws, it can be hard to know where to start.

An upholstered headboard is one sure fire way to make your bedroom feel indulgent. It will also add warmth by buffering away any draughts.

Padded, fabric headboards are also great for layering pillows and cushions on top, making them especially cosy, particularly if you like to sit up to read in bed.

Whether you choose carpet, or you simply love wooden floors, every bedroom is likely to benefit from the addition of a soft rug or two.

Put them by the bed so you can step onto them whenever you get up. Elgin and Tolsey Plaid rugs work particularly well, with cushioned weaves that toes will sink into.

Even though you might not sit in your bedroom that often, it is good to have a chair around when you need it.

As well as being useful when you are dressing, armchairs add atmosphere and a well-chosen one can be lovely to look at.

Size-wise it is better to pick a smaller version than you would use in your living room. Madeleine and Amelia armchairs are neat enough to tuck into a corner or sit at the end of the bed.

Cushions and throws are the fun part of any bedroom scheme. If your bedroom is decorated in calm neutral tones, cushions are a great way to add colour.

With throws, as well as adding colour, it is also about choosing textures that feel good, like cashmere and velvet in winter, or a soft, open-weave cotton in summer.

If you like your bed to look crisp, fold one neatly at the bottom, or for a more relaxed feel drape a couple of throws loosely across the duvet.

As a rule, the fewer hard surfaces you have in a room the more relaxed you will feel.

So, as the bedroom is where you should be surrounded by comfort, think textiles to help make yours feel even more indulgent.


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