Light up your home with wall lights from Neptune

When we think walls, we think paint, art, mirrors, maybe even a clock, but with a little know how, a well placed wall light can become a piece of art in its own right.

Design expert John Sims-Hildtich, of leading interiors and lifestyle brand Neptune, maintains wall lights are perfect for adding subtle lighting when there is not quite enough natural light to awaken your room.

Lighting, he says, should always be looked at in layers.

In the bathroom, think about using a pair of wall lights to flank a mirror. Their symmetry creates a visual balance while the even lighting will limit shadows, important for applying make-up or the morning shave.

It is easy to think that a kitchen is all about ceiling lights, but here again the layered approach to lighting can pay off.

Try putting a slim wall light either side of the cooker where it can cast a small pool of light downwards onto the hob. It will not get in the way and will add visual interest along with illumination.

Wall lights can be perfect for bedrooms when space is limited and a bedside lamp might be out of the question.

Even in more spacious bedrooms, wall lights are worth thinking about as they leave more room for bedside books and keepsakes.

Wall lights come into their own in the living room and above eye level is a good place to position them to avoid glare.

Consider wall lights with extending arm designs such as Neptune’s Keats range which can be moved lower so they can become handy reading lights.

Use wall lights to downlight artwork on your walls, or to uplight architectural elements such as doorways, alcoves and recessed spaces. This will actually make the space feel larger.

In fact, some wall lights are attractive enough to act as wall art in their own right.

Neptune’s Garrick wall light, with its individually sculpted oak leaves that wind their way around candle shaped bulbs, is the perfect example.

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