Glamorous evening wear make up with the esteemed School of Make Up Artistry

The key to a perfect make up, is to look like you have beautiful skin, not a beautiful make up! Even when you would like to have a glamorous evening make up on, it should still look as natural as possible.

Some ladies make the mistake in thinking they need a darker foundation for evening wear, which is not necessary unless you are wearing a false tan. In order to achieve more colour on your skin, the best option is to wear a warm toned blusher, and to add in some contouring and highlighting, to your make up application.

By contouring under your cheekbones, you will give the illusion of having more prominent, and higher cheekbones, and more of an oval face shape. To contour, use a matt textured bronzer. Highlight all the high planes on your face, for example, under the arch of your brow, on your cheekbones, and on the cupids bow of your lips. A beige or cream shimmer textured product is most suitable for highlighting.

By highlighting your face, you will be putting more emphasis on the key areas which you highlight, therefore making your lips look fuller, and opening your eyes. A golden bronzer all over your face, and neck will also give you a healthy glow, for the evening look, rather than using a darker foundation.

To achieve the perfect smokey eye make up, the key is blending, and to apply small amounts of eye shadow and gradually build up layers, to achieve the desired finish. Good brushes will also help. Naturel hair brushes tend to be a better option for eye shadow application.

What you will need

Royal wink gel by M.A.C, or any vibrant sea blue colour that you may already have.

Black eyeshadow.

Black pencil eyeliner.

Black mascara. M.A.C have a false lash mascara that works very well, when you want to achieve high definition.

Apply a small amount of foundation and concealer on your eyelids, to give a base for the eyeshadow. Using a 217 blending brush by M.A.C, apply a small layer of the royal wink gel liner all over the moving part of your eyelids, do not bring the colour any higher than your natural crease line, blend the colour, by using small circular motions.

Using a 219 pencil brush by M.A.C , apply the same colour on your lower lashline, keeping the colour as close to your lashline as possible. To achieve the best results for the next stage of this smokey eye look, apply a small amount of black eyeshadow, using a 224 blending brush by M.A.C, onto the crease of your eye, do this with your eyes open, using light circular motions.

By applying this colour with your eyes open, it will ensure you do not bring the colour too high or too low on your eyes. You can then bring this black eyeshadow onto your lower lashline using the 219 pencil brush.

Press the black eyeshadow along your upper lashline, using an angular precision brush, (216 M.A.C brush ) this will add definition to your eyes, and make your lashes appear to be fuller. To complete the look apply black eye pencil to the upper and lower waterline of your eyes and apply two coats of mascara. The contrasting textures and colours of these products, when used together will give your eyes great definition and will make your eye colour stand out.

Generally, when you are wearing smokey eyes, it is a better option to use more of a naturel toned lipstick. Blankety lipstick, and love nectar lip gloss by M.A.C work very well with this look. When choosing a blusher, try to use a similar tone to the lipstick you have chosen, Dainty blusher by M.A.C is a light pink shade, with a hint of shimmer, which will compliment the overall look.

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