Kiltoom Drama Group presents ‘Canaries’

Following on the success of their previous play 'Stolen Child', Kiltoom Drama Group presents 'Canaries'.

Under the directorship of Tom Blaine and Pat Grey, 'Canaries' is a holiday farce written by award winning Dublin dramatist Bernard Farrell. It is arguably Farrell's funniest play, following the adventures of a group of Irish on a package holiday in a bid to escape from their surroundings.

Everybody arrives in the best of spirits but soon things start to go wrong and the whole holiday descends into a total farce. For this production, Kiltoom Drama group welcome a number of new actors and actresses to its’ team.

The cast features a married couple ‘Marie’ played by Maeve O’Reilly and her husband ‘Tommy’ played by John McGrath who head off on holidays with Marie’s father ’Da’ played by Ged Rowlands.

Elaine Walsh takes the role of ‘Jane’ and her husband ‘Richard’ is played by John Stack. ‘Madeline’ played by Della Sammon, meets 'Fergus' played by Tony Colgan.

'Carlos(Francisco Vinas )' runs the hotel bar, while keeping eye on 'Contessa (Ann Toohey ) Gunther'. The German Psychology Professor played by Sean Arthur becomes besotted by 19 year old ‘Erica’ (Lisa Nugent ).

Of course, no good package holiday would be complete withouts its holiday rep ‘Samantha' (Sandra Cloonan ). An evening of very hilarity will ensue as the audience is treated to several subplots as the play progresses.

'Canaries' runs in the Parish Hall from Thursday, November 29 to Sunday, Dec 2 with curtain up at 8pm each night.


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