Civic square canopy facility to attract a myriad of uses

The topic of usage of the Civic Square canopy was the result of much discussion at the Municipal District monthly gathering.

Raising the issue, Cllr. Tom Farrell suggested that a farmers market be held each Saturday at the location.

“A farmers market is a great option I believe. I have spoken to personnel who have expressed an interest in using the location. It may not happen imminently, but within the next year. However, it is important we start to discuss our options for the canopy,” Cllr. Farrell remarked.

Addressing the topic, Cllr. Michael O’Brien noted that the canopy was a “most beautiful focal point of the Church Street enhancement works” adding that there could be a myriad is uses for the facility.

“The Saturday farmers market is a viable option. Local coffee houses and restaurants could also use the canopy to display their wares, while I often view it as an ideal bandstand venue,” the Councillor stated.

Cllr. Aengus O’Rourke mooted the possibility of various local enterprises submitting projects which would entail full weekly usage of the canopy facility.

Responding, Mr. Barry Kehoe, Director of Services, Westmeath County Council, highlighted that any intrinsically linked usage of the canopy facility would be subject to license adding that the local authority would be encouraging a variety of uses for the facility.

“We would like to ensure a variety of uses for this facility and will be encouraging various enterprises to submit their ideas in this regard in the near future,” Mr. Kehoe detailed.


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