Industrial giants aim to further enhance their crossroads safety message to customers

Industrial giants, Volkswagen and Siemens want to further improve road safety, especially at crossroads. To achieve this, new functions have been developed for the local exchange of information between vehicles and digital transport infrastructure. The overall system uses the Car2X technology WLANp (ITS-G5 ) and is currently undergoing road tests in the city of Wolfsburg.

In the joint project, they are currently setting up a test section on a main road in Wolfsburg in which ten traffic signal systems will transmit the traffic light phases in the vicinity via WLANp (ITS-G5 ). Future Car2X vehicles will be able to process that information and inform the driver, for example, when all traffic lights in succession are on green. That way, they can avoid braking or accelerating unnecessarily. In the near future, assistant functions will be able to do this without driver intervention, according to the companies.

The forward looking traffic light functions in the vehicle improves the flow of traffic in built up areas. It is hoped that this project will also contribute to road safety in general. To do this, two crossroads in Wolfsburg are being equipped with modern sensor technology to detect pedestrians and cyclists.

Manfred Fuhg, Head of Siemens Mobility Germany, says, “crossroads equipped with radar sensor technology are able to significantly increase accuracy in the detection of pedestrians and cyclists. Information that vehicles are not able to detect themselves is provided at complex intersections and accident black spots in particular.”



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