Orange Loop system close to its full implementation

As Church Street enhancement project works progress on schedule, it is envisaged that the first vehicles will complete the Orange Loop traffic flow system in its entirety within the next month.

Presently, the main focus of works is between Lloyds Lane and Custume Place with full completion of the transformative €4 million project expected in early December.

Addressing the elected representatives within the Municipal District chamber, District Manager, Ms. Jackie Finney noted that works were on schedule with enhanced pavement works, asphalt limestone kerbs, granite slabs and sets being completed from Griffith Street to Lloyds Lane.

Welcoming the updated development news, Cllr. Aengus O’Rourke queried, as completion of the project enhancement looms, when vehicles would be permitted to make a complete journey through Church Street.

“Is there a timeframe for when vehicles will be able to use the Orange Loop traffic system as it is intended?,” Cllr. O’Rourke remarked.

Town Mayor, Cllr. Frankie Keena, replicated this view, commending the workforce for the progress made to date.

Echoing similar sentiments, Cllr. Michael O’Brien expressed his delight that the relevant works were “on target” and was hopeful that they would be completed “sooner rather than later”.

Cllr. O’Brien added that it being the main thoroughfare of the town, it was vital that relevant ownership was taken with regard to the maintaining the cleanliness of Church Street.

Acknowledging that the workmanship was of the “highest standards”, Cllr. John Dolan noted that feedback to the enhancement project from members of the general public had been positive with those who had initially expressed negative connotations now changing their views, while Cllr. Paul Hogan expressed his aspiration that on site machinery would be removed prior to the conclusion of works in early December as local businesses prepared for the festive season sales.

Assessing and replying to the views expressed, District Engineer, Pat Nally, noted that the intention was to have traffic progress directly through the thoroughfare “in one month”.

“Necessary works, including the provision of footpath paving and bollards to Custume Place, must be first completed. When such traffic control mechanisms are in place, then I envisage the Orange Loop traffic system will be implemented in its entirety,” the District Engineer noted.

The Orange Loop one way westbound traffic system has been operational since May and local diversions to maintain access, minimise disruption and allow works progress apply at present.



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