Discover your best skin with Viridian Nutrition

Viridian Nutrition reveals that two thirds of participants are happier with their skin after following the clear skin programme for 60 days.

Developed to support optimal skin health, the clear skin programme incorporates recipes from the clear skin cookbook by TV chef Dale Pinnock, together with two nutritional supplements - clear skin complex capsules and organic clear skin omega oil.

Skin conditions can affect both men and women; the British skin foundation estimates 60 per cent of the population is affected at some point in their life by a skin condition.

This can include acne, eczema, premature aging or skin tone issues. Depending on the severity the conditions can be difficult to manage both physically and emotionally.

However, there is increasing evidence suggesting that skin health and appearance could be improved with modest dietary changes and specific nutritional supplements.

Viridian Nutrition have received many compliments on this programme through feedback from clients. One customer said, ‘I feel a lot happier about my skin now, it is noticeably clearer, less inflamed and even softer. I feel more confident in leaving the house and being in public with little to no make up on. It felt amazing and refreshing to use something that is natural and organic, knowing that I wasn’t putting any nasty chemicals into my body.’

Another explained how the programme improved her confidence in her own skin and in turn made the client want to be more active in learning about skin nutrients and health.

‘The fact that other people are commenting on how great my skin looks says it all! Even after the first two weeks of this programme I noticed improvements with less spots and more moisture in my skin. An added benefit is my hair also feels stronger, softer and shinier!’

Jenny Carson, Viridian Nutrition’s lead analyst for the clear skin project commented, ‘this series of case reports demonstrates that simple advice and daily supplementation may result in important improvements to common but troublesome skin complaints such as acne, blemishes and overall skin appearance.’

For further information on these products and the clear skin programme contact Susan in Au Naturel, Irishtown, Athlone 090 6487993



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