Local band to launch new single in June

Kiosoma band members Tadgh Kelleher, Colm Noonan, Paul Shanagher, Orla McBarron and Daniel Noonan

Kiosoma band members Tadgh Kelleher, Colm Noonan, Paul Shanagher, Orla McBarron and Daniel Noonan

It has been a hectic 12 months for local band Kiosoma, with three self-funded singles released since they formed back in May, 2017.

An electro pop band from the Midlands, Kiosomo is made up of music graduates from UCD, Guitar Institute London and BIMM Dublin.

Bringing together a mix of musical genres, Kiosomo’s sound offers an interesting blend that brings something completely new to the Irish electro pop scene.

The band’s first two singles - ‘Into the Forest’ and ‘Electric Love’ showcase quirky lyrics and hypnotic grooves, while the band’s third single - ‘I Don’t Want You Around’ - offers defiant beats and haunting melodies.

Kiosoma is made up of three local musicians in Tadgh Kelleher, Colm Noonan and Paul Shanagher, with lead singer Orla McBarron hailing from Cavan, and drummer Daniel Noonan from Delvin. Tadgh met Orla while studying music in UCD, and despite their very different tastes in music, their was a real chemistry early on.

“Orla was in the same class as me,” Tadgh explains. “We were both doing Indonesian music up in Dublin and we met by chance and started recording a few demos. Myself and Colm are big into the electronic side of things, and like to create almost a dance vibe. We actually played together in a few rock bands over the years. We had an album a number of years ago that was almost grunge, so that will tell you the range of music we are into.

“Orla, on the other hand, is a singer/songwriter and comes from a completely different place music wise. She writes ballads and that sort of stuff on the piano, and some pop music as well, so there is a good and interesting mix there, you know.”

Kiosomo recently struck up a relationship with James Darkin, a man who has worked with the likes of Hozier, Gavin James and the Funeral Suites, to name just some.

“We put out singles before we played any gigs to see if there was any interest,” Tadgh explains. “We only started gigging in November last year. At one of our gigs in The Workman’s Club in Dublin, by chance, producer James Darkin was there. He emailed us the very next day, giving us some advice and asking if we wanted to work on a song with him.

“We went up to the studio in Dublin the following week. It was an amazing place and it was great to get that experience. We are riding that wave now, and hopefully we will get some more gigs and interest in the coming weeks and months.”

Kiosoma will launch their new single in The Cellar venue, Athlone, on June 9, from 8pm. Entry to the launch is free. Tracey Bruen will be on hand to support Kiosoma on the night. Tracey is headlining the Roisin Dubh for the Galway Arts festival.

For more information follow Kiosoma on Facebook. [email protected]


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