LoveBoth to hold rally in Dublin before referendum

The ‘Stand Up for Life!’ Rally will take place in Merrion Square, Dublin, on Saturday, May 12, at 2pm.

Cora Sherlock for LoveBoth said: “This is the last chance for the pro life movement to come together before the referendum on May 25. Voters are realising more and more just how extreme the government’s proposals are, and that far from introducing limited abortion, a ‘Yes’ vote is a vote for abortion on demand. The only way to stop these proposals is to vote ‘No’.

“We are in uncharted territory in the debate in Ireland. Simon Harris told us that the referendum would be about the ‘hard cases’. This was not true. The referendum is not about the hard cases, it is about abortion on demand. The government is proposing to replace the 8th Amendment with extreme abortion laws that would allow abortion for any reason up to three months of pregnancy.

“At just nine weeks a baby’s eyes have colour in them, the baby has a mouth and tiny taste-buds. At 10 weeks a baby’s heart is beating at 180 beats a minute, that’s three times faster than your own heart.

“The new abortion legislation proposes to turn GP surgeries in every town and village in Ireland into abortion clinics. It is clear that the momentum against these extreme proposals is growing and we call on members of the public to attend the rally on Saturday, May 12, to show support of the retention of the 8th Amendment and to ‘Vote No’.”



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